blog1 is a flexible school Management System platform that provides secure, complete and centralized solutions that manage all operations of your educational organization. The school, as an organisation, is a complex social system consists of the staff, teaching and non-teaching, and of students and parents.

      Academic Management

This module captures student profiles and optionally automates student selection process based on user defined criteria.

Based on the prevailing academic policies, students are also allowed to join the course, skipping an year, if he qualifies certain criteria.

Users are allowed to capture student attendance, period wise.

System processes attendance data to determine if the student meets the eligibility criteria to apply for examinations.

System allows definition of examinations, which may include internal and board examinations.



Only basic knowledge of computers is required for operation of Library Management System. As it has user-friendly application interface.

Library Management System brings information to the user's desktop through integration across all modules.

Library management is a difficult task as it involves procuring of books, issue to members and receipt from members, tracking and imposition of fines.

System allows users to virtually organize books in different Library locations. Besides it’s also possible to create different libraries and also take care of inter library transactions.

      Auto Timetable


In Time Table module of ERP Solution have following features are there
Defining of working days or timings,

Assign Time Period Details,

Class subject mapping,

Teacher work load,

Assign classes and sections.

      Human Resourse


The system provides the requisite user interfaces to carry out HR management efficiently. These include staff selection, salaries, leave, attendance, deductions, payroll processing, ledgers, statutory reports and pay slips.

HR module is tightly integrated with Academic and Accounting modules. Data generated in this module is integrated with Accounts module. System automatically generates required entries in the accounting module to post to ledger.

Staff is classified under different categories, and grades are assigned . Attendance data is culled from Academic module and processed at the time of payroll calculation. Staff is eligible for leave which are defined by the user. Leave transactions have implications during payroll process, and reflects on net salary.



System will automatically track the fee collection of every student i.e. right after the admission of a student system will plan full schedule of fee collection for the student for one full year and will notify the accounts department if there is a delay in the payment and according the late fee policy in your school system will automatically calculate the amount to be calculated at any given date.

System will automatically track the attendance collection of every student i.e. right after the admission of a student system will plan full schedule of school working details for the student for one full year and will notify the class teacher if there is a lack of attendance and according the attendance lack policy in your school system will automatically calculate the amount to be calculated at any given date.



It is specially developed for educational institutions. Hence screens are provided to capture transactions specific to them. Fees management is a sub system to facilitate capture of information relating to fee. User is allowed to create various fee heads, accept fees and print receipts. Fees defined normally include exam fees, tuition fees, book fees and hostel fees etc.

Importantly, system also generates various reports relating to fees. These include, fees collected, outstanding and fine collected. Accounting module also support transactions originating in the HR module. These are salary, allowances deductions, taxation and so on.

Miscellaneous charges like fine of late paying, breakage.



The Inventory Management system stores item information for the Sales Order Management, Procurement, and manufacturing systems. It also stores sales and purchasing costs and quantities available by location and places holds on locations from which you do not sell items.

You update the general ledger inventory account balances with any change in inventory valuation, count variances, or movement.

The Inventory Management system works with the Address Book system to retrieve up-to-date customer, supplier, and warehouse address information.



In Transport module of have following features are there
Details of Vehicles,

Defining of route of the buses,

Define Bus Fee,

Vehicle report.

      Hostel Management


The hostel management is used efficiently manage the entire residential facility in the institute.

Reducing the staff & paper works, this hostel module keeps the all updated records of students, their meal, lodging and other facilities.

The hostel segment provides online status of room availability and allocations. Students get information on rent structures, health, and personal care.

Reports on attendance/leave, disciplinary action, hostel fee receipts etc can be generated and e-alerts sent to parents/guardians.



System provides separate module for providing Remainders for the Student s, Staffs and Parents.

When an Academic Events like Sports Day, Annual Day, Parents Teachers Meeting system reminds the Studens, Staffs and Parents.

With this easy to use reminder tool you can send your reminder to your screen, cell phone, pager, or email.

It has a very user friendly interface with an easy to use wizard for creating your reminders. Import/Export your reminders to friends or colleagues with just a few clicks. Create time and date specific, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reminders. From now on you can stay on top of things where ever you are.



This Module helps the user to search their students in different Formate

Academic and student based search
New Admissions based search, Student Detail By Class/section and by student based search, Student I-Card based search, Student Certificate Submit List and Vice - versa based search, Class Section wise List based search.
HR based search
Print Pay Slip based search, Allowances based search, Deduction based search, Leave Details based search, Salary based search.

      Back Up


This module helps the user to take their Back Up.

This back up can be as in the cloud or in off line.

the backup file is downloaded in the formate of txt.

Even allow the user to upload the BackUp also.



System provides separate module which contains information of the Room Details, Building Details of the School.

Room Details and Building Block Information contains the detail about the room capacity and availability during the Examinations.

Facility can be a Warehouse, Retail Store, Office, Building, Meeting Room, etc, etc.

      ID Card Generation


The present 21st century is a digital area. Now-a-days the development in various aspects of computer technology has reached beyond our imagination & expectations. Every new day, there is a update in the market.

Software has an attractive user interface & easy maintenance facility which helps us in our working field. In most of the school Erp system there is no any printed I-card and the card it has not carry so much of information.

This fact inspired us to include the module in our software which will aid in computerization of identity card generation system.

Design and print customized photo ID cards for your school's students and faculty.



Student placement is sine qua non for professional Schools. This is a key module that helps the institution to keep track of the recruitment plans of various organizations, schedule recruitment process and record the results in terms of individual students.

The user defines the requirement of the recruiting organization including the eligibility criteria for the students to appear for the tests. The tests are defined as written or oral and consists of various types such as quantitative, aptitude, verbal, analytical etc. The type of the tests can be created as per the requirement.

The system processes the to student data by referring the eligibility criteria and generates the list of the selected students.



our is highly integrated, every modules is integrated with other modules. so we can able to take the reports for all the modules in this Report module.

MIS reports are vital to the Senior management for running the institution efficiently. They can tell the management the most popular course in the institution, social and economic profile of the admitted students and importantly, the number of vacant seats over a period. The last report will indicate the popularity of the institution in the student community.



Access is controlled at the module level. menu level and sub menu level. users are assigned to groups which posses rights to access the levels referred. Optionally individual rights can also be set override group permission.

The terms and conditions for the company norms and details are under privacy policy. If the students are interested to join then they must accept terms and condition and must follow those norms.

      Global Setting

global setting

Using this module you can assign different privileges to the users of School Express.

The users are the employees added through the Human Resource module of School Express.

A good example is an accountant working in your office, who will have access only to the finance module.

But he cant view the student details. Similarly you can assign Human Resource module to the HR manager of your institute.

He can take care of all HR related functions without interfering in student details and finance of the institution.



The main purpose of this is send any notification regarding courses like time changing,staff change,needed things for class and so on.

In this Email section contain some fields like subject of the email and type message,if any attachments is available and sending options can be select university,batch and course and whom (ie) both staff and students or alone.

In this SMS section is same like SMS.It contains fields like SMS box,sending options can be select university,batch and course and whom (ie) both staff and students or alone and also scheduling time like send right now or it will be postpond..